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About Perth Impact Entrepreneurs

In the midst of accelerating change, it is now – more than ever before – necessary for us to come together, collaborate and share to achieve all we can. And it is through entrepreneur socials around the world that we seek to offer a place to do just that!

We host monthly events to bring like-minded social and purpose-driven entrepreneurs together to leverage our collective value to make an even bigger positive difference in the world, as we move into the next decade.

Our social events are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come together, get inspired, connected, and aligned to their natural talents and strengths. We believe that human connection and collaboration are the most powerful tools for global change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help achieve the United Nations Global Goals by creating a space for impact-driven entrepreneurs to connect to the right knowledge, network and opportunities.


Our Extraordinary Speakers

Our speakers are social entrepreneurs who are impact-driven and are doing something to make a difference in the world. They have found a way to create ongoing flow towards profit and purpose. They also have a story worth telling because they are impacting one or more of the 17 Global Goals and they are on an entrepreneurial journey to make this happen.

Meet our Speakers

Sandra Morrell
Sandra Morrell

Entrepreneurs Institute

Maree Gooch
Maree Gooch

Belay Consulting

Shane Kempton
Shane Kempton

Best Version of You

Sue Papadoulis
Sue Papadoulis

Profile Media Communications

Marc Pinto
Marc Pinto

Primitive Tattoo and Primitive Luxury Jewellery

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Who Should Attend?


The event is for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and social impact and would like to network in a relaxed social environment with other locally grown professionals and business owners, to share success stories, challenges faced and discuss the strategies that will propel us forward.

Come along to have fun, network, be inspired, share and learn from local leaders and entrepreneurs making a real and positive impact on our local and global communities through business.


A World Full Of Giving

All ticket prices go towards funding our events and contributing to B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) – a global business-giving initiative on a mission to create a world full of giving