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Perth Impact Entrepreneurs

If you’re rethinking your legacy and want to know HOW TO build the business and to deliver it, this is the place for you.

You are looking for

  • the ground-level How To’s and expert guidance to reposition and grow your business;
  • a group of like-minded business owners that you can call “your people”;
  • exposure to a global audience, and
  • a bigger impact with your business and your community.

Join us as a qualified member of


A global village square where a trusted community of impact-driven
business owners meet up, skill up and scale up.

What you get as a PIE member

Imagine this.

You have the business that you want. It‘s running like clockwork. You only have to glance at your flight deck dashboard once a week to see how you‘re doing against target. It’s simple, efficient and helps you to get back your time.

Now, peel back the onion.

Behind that dashboard

lies a layer of processes to give you the numbers;
a system & structure to generate the results;
plans for the year and for the next 90 days;
a vision and purpose; and
a team as concerned about your business as you are.

As a member of PIE, you’ll get the HOW TO of creating the profitable business that is reflected in those (very healthy) dashboard numbers.

As a member of PIE, you’ll be part of a unique and trusted global community of like-minded and qualified entrepreneurs with access to tools, templates and mentoring to support business and personal growth through profitable pathways.

With a full program our members not only pivot successfully, they transform to better business models with stronger teams and scalable systems with which to make a profit, live the life they want and make the impact they’ve been dreaming of.

What is included in the 12-month program


  • Monthly online conversations with headliner entrepreneurs
  • Monthly webinars with experts on the “how to” of effective tactics
  • Deep-dive online workshops to master specific topics*
  • Online Summits bringing together a group of previous speakers to teach their craft
  • Live small group events with live streaming*

  (*discounted members rate)


  • A 6-month program with yearlong access
  • 8 modules with 2 training videos per week
  • Weekly live group Q&A for 6 months
  • Topics included are Vision & Purpose, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Plan to Profit, Standing out in a Crowd, Market Attraction, Profitable Promotions, Team Attractions, Team Dynamics, Key Metrics, Calibration
  • Template packs and detailed guidance per topic


  • Inclusion in The Directory, an online Trusted Community marketplace
  • Guidance in setting up a powerful profile
  • Members discounted additional promotional offer opportunities
  • Spotlight features on Social Media
  • Professionally edited video interview to share your business
  • Rotational inclusion of your business in communications to members


  • Brainstorming roundtables
  • Book Club discussions of top recommended business books
  • Strategic global introductions
  • Online speed networking sessions


  • Quarterly Red Carpet events featuring businesses having a significant impact
  • Personalized “Road to Impact” template and strategy session
  • Group impact campaigns to kickstart your global impact

Your Investment in PIE Membership

  • a 6-month Accelerator Program with videos, templates, guidance and weekly Q&A with Terri [VALUE $6,000]
  • a full calendar of online and live events, webinars & workshops [VALUE $1,500]
  • orchestrated network connections [VALUE of orchestration $1,500, VALUE of connections exponential]
  • hand-crafted business promotion opportunities [VALUE $1,200]
  • and a strong focus on creating impact [VALUE of roadmap $500, VALUE of your impact exponential]

VALUE $10,700


  • Strategy call [VALUE $500]
  • Discounts on program add on options [VALUE $300]
  • Membership badge to display with pride on your website and collateral [VALUE $200]



for a 12-month membership




for a 12-month membership

Optional Extras: Done With You options

& see if you qualify

Your Impact for Taking Action

The world has changed. And so have we.

Here at PIE we don’t simply want to change how the pie is sliced. We believe in creating a bigger (more respectful, impactful & global) pie that serves us all. By enabling entrepreneurs to ‘bake their own unique pies’ we contribute to solving the world’s problems and create the society we want to live in.

We’re not going to wait though. Just by applying, you’ll create the first part of a ripple effect: for every application we receive we’ll contribute the business training fund that helps former loggers in Borneo transition and start their own businesses that won’t use endangered forest products.

Your global impact starts right here, with the yellow button.

Why Now

A small virus with big repercussions has changed our world forever.

We’ve all been forced to reevaluate things on so many levels. While you probably understand the changes needed, you may find it difficult to adjust, align and take action to reposition yourself in the new market. But there is no time to waste. The longer you wait, the further behind you’ll be as the world transitions into a brand-new economy. Don’t get left behind.

All these changes have also, in all likelihood, increased your own desire to have an impact. Yet, you first need to make a profit to sustain this impact. Don’t remain stymied as you try to figure it out. PIE is the place to find the HOW TO that will enable you to reposition, gain traction and have the impact you want.

Who should join?

Growth companies who are scaling up and stretching out. We welcome applications from entrepreneurs who are at the yellow spectrum in the Wealth Dynamics lighthouse and wanting to go green, and green companies wanting to step into blue.

Stepping up

You’ve settled into your business and know your value in the market. But with the market changes, you’ re struggling to find your footing and redirect in a meaningful way.

Stretching Out

You’ve built up a strong market presence and started to gather a team around you. The ground has shifted though and you’re not clear how to position yourself for team attraction.

Settling In

You’ve grown your business over time and now oversee a team that runs operations. You’ve always known how to adjust to the trends, but this time round, you’re not so sure.

Join Perth Impact Entrepreneurs

& see if you qualify

About Us

Terri Vincent is the top-ranked mentor on the GeniusU platform that has more than a million users around the world. She has also been the lead facilitator for almost 40 iLab programs in Bali and is an assistant mentor in Roger Hamilton’s high-end Crystal Circle mentoring program. Her extensive coaching experience has given her unique insights into what entrepreneurs struggle with every day.

Dr Annelize Booysen is known for her advanced Promotion Plans and Team Charters, systemized accountability programs and an ability to clearly articulate the how that transforms ideas into reality. A global citizen with experience in living and working in 8 different countries on 4 continents, she brings a steel energy perspective to the program.

Mandy Peattie is the formidable power behind all our online and offline events. She is an organizational and process genius, sprinkling her creative magic on everything she touches.

Esté Grove is our organised Village Administration, expertly taking care of The Directory where her creative flair really shines. She is an analytical whiz and has yet to meet a number that she cannot crunch.

Moira takes care of our people, from our event speakers to every one of our members. She is all about people: focusing, creating and building relationships. Her sincerity and empathy is absolutely legendary.

What They Say


Annelize is a master at guiding through active listening and pinpointing areas of opportunity and providing insightful encouragement to motivate you to overcome challenges. She has a unique ability to identify and reframe potential obstacles to assist you in getting back on track and re-establishing momentum toward refining and executing your promotion plan.
Brett Gordon

Annelize’s natural sense of order provides the clarity and simplicity that every business must have to attain their goals and achieve success. Her implementation of structure will keep you focused, on track, and motivated while delivering measurable results that will turn your dreams into reality.
Ursula Marquez

If you want to leverage your time invested in Genius U connect with and follow everything Terri does. She is my go to person on this amazing platform.

Adam Houlahan

What to say about an incredible Mentor who already has over 100 5-star reviews?! Terri is simply in a league of her own. I can only echo what so many have said before me. Connect with Terri!
Duncan Stanley